We transform the productivity of companies with Data Science, AI and Machine Learning projects and provide simple tools to automate analytics processes for business analysts and data scientists.
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Citizen Data Science

The modern tools of Citizen Data Science extend the basic functions of data discovery and allow, in a simple way suitable also for business analysts, to use advanced features on big data, from various sources and formats, including data preparation, specialized applications such as web analytics, behavioral analytics, geospatial analytics and others, up to the creation of automatic learning and artificial intelligence models.

for Business Analysts

The scarcity of resources with “Data Scientist” skills, for which years of intensive training and experience in the field may be needed, has brought out the need for the figure of the “Citizen Data Scientist”. These are typically business analysts, outside the IT department, who, with a few weeks of training with the right tools, can begin to produce advanced analytics and learning models on data, and increase effectiveness, flexibility and depth in use of information by the company.


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